Art Day 2 Finals!

It is finals day and I have no lesson plans.  The teacher came in and left me a note last night that said “I will be back on Monday”.  There is a final laying on the students’ work table that has been there all week.  Was I supposed to make copies and give it to them.  He left no instructions.  I’m worried that I was supposed to do that.  Then the kids have open campus if they don’t have a final.  Am I supposed to make them sit in this room for 75 minutes even though there’s no final or should I let them leave?  Ugh!  Very stressful. 

May 2009

Subbing art today.  It was an unexpected absence for this teacher so there are no plans.  The students are asking me if we will have the final tomorrow.  (their last day of art class)  I have no idea. 🙂  Wish the sun would come out!  Haven’t seen it for 3 days and it makes me tired.  I’m working on my science unit.  After that class is over June 27th, I have 2 classes left, then student teaching.  I’m really nervous for some reason. 

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